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The Suffocating Truth was UnTitled’s 1st UK tour! It aimed to encourage young people to engage with their sexuality. The intimate performance, inspired by contemporary issues and personal stories, followed the dancers on their journey to acceptance and self-discovery through gender and sexuality.


Lukas performed his full-length show with UnTitled, in five cities across the UK including Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, London and Bristol. The theatrical dance production transported audiences to a parallel world of sexual tension, fear, loneliness and elation.


With no fourth wall between audience and stage, the public was a part of the dancers’ struggle to find acceptance as they explored their sexuality and discovered that every lesson learnt brought them closer to true happiness in a darkly intense and personal performance.


Lukas said “The Suffocating Truth is a very personal, intimate show which encourages young people to express their sexuality and explores relationships. We are UnTitled because we don’t need a definition or to be put in a box. We just are. And each one of my dancers is celebrated for being exactly who they are. It’s important to me that individualism, physically and emotionally, is celebrated in my company and I want to spread this message among young people across the UK. Teenagers need the space to explore their sexuality freely and dance is a fantastic outlet for self-expression. I can’t wait to share this performance with dance fans across the UK.”


“Fantastic, powerfully creative individual and ensemble movement.”


Manchester Wire


Want to get an exclusive behind the scenes look at the tour? Click here for Lukas’s mini VLOG series 'Creating The Suffocating Truth'.

You can now rent the full show from their live performance's in London by clicking below. 

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